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Buy Devon Rex cat breed or not?

   Dear friends! Felinologicheskikh Public Association “Mr. Cat” in conjunction with Wharf Grace “and SCLC” Felicia “on June 11-12, 2016. conducts in Minsk (Belarus)

World Cat,

License WCF L # 164135.

      You have the chance to visit the exhibition, talk with breeders breed, ask questions, look at the adult cats, buy kitten Devon Rex  which of you enjoy, or to reserve a pet.

    The program of the exhibition the WCF-ring, Master, Master Double, Triple Master-rings, mono-breed show-British, Scottish fold, Rex, Sphynx, Oriental, native breeds, Maine Coons, the list can be expanded. Award all titles.

     The examination is carried out: Anneliese Hackmann, Germany (AB, WCF), Elena Butomova Russian Federation (AB, WCF), Wojciech -Albert Kurkowski, Poland (AB, WCF), Tamara Biryukova, Ukraine (AB, WCF), Tatyana Dyachuk, Ukraine ( Ab, WCF), Mariya Savrasova, Izrael (AB WCF), Eugeniy Mechkovskiy, Kazakhstan (AB WCF).


    Attention! Have your cells must! Owners of cats carry a veterinary certificate with marks of vaccination. For foreign participants – veterinary certificate form number 1 or veterinary certificate (for Russia, Kazakhstan citizens). Passage of veterinary inspection is compulsory and free for all exhibitors. Applications for awarding prizes and rosettes of clubs, nurseries and individuals to include in the catalog. Sponsors are invited to monobreed and show rings.

Venue: Minsk, ul. 27, Kupala, NEC “BelExpo”



Victoria kennel owner.