Our pets

Family couple

the cat and the cat

Devon Rex.

In our kennel  Tenderling live friendly and sociable family. Kitty Karry very kind, sociable. He likes to play with paper Bunnies, foil and candy. And loves young children and would not mind to have fun with them: playing hide and seek, catch-up. In between runs to eat, and to sharpen claws on her way into the tray.

Man Jarod more serious and helpful. He likes to sleep, to close with his head under a blanket in his house. He loves his mistress and gently cares for her.

They have different and yet similar. Grow in full idyll, surrounded by love, care and attention on the part of adults and children alike.

  There are still doubts to buy cat Devon Rex?! No – then call us!



Victoria kennel owner.