The perfect tray for cats.

What to do it if you cat go walk past the tray ?!

   Everyone in the house contains a cat faced with the same problem – a stool by the tray. The reason may be a lot of things – it’s health, label, conflict between animals, etc. But the main reason – it is wrong to the selected location.

   Some believe that the tray – even in Africa tray that there can not organize? Often, owners save on vehicle, poured it very small, even though the animal is necessary to create the opportunity to dig there. Or set it to remote places, so as not to get in the way or on the contrary put the tray next to the aisle, near the door. And this is the main mistake.

What is “the perfect tray“? This tray is made and installed in accordance with the following requirements. In my private practice, almost all cats go where you want, if you set several of these trays throughout the apartment. The only exceptions are patients with kidney disease and badging animals.

   The perfect tray for adults and kittens will differ only in size and rim height.

lotok domik dlya koshki

   For adult animals, take a deep tray size to the length of the body of an animal and more. The depth should be more than 7 cm. Welcome inturned edges. I for my cats Devon Rex using the tray house. It is very convenient as it is not clear that there is makes your favorite, limits odors and spreading the filler.

The second tray I have is with high curved bumpers for the cat. He does not like the door in the house. Again, here it is necessary to take into account the requirements for your pet as further amenities.

lotok dlya kota

   For kittens up to three months, take the tray, too, preferably deep, only a notch on one side to the kitten could see what was happening inside the tray, and could easily come in and go out, as it is a fraction of their parents, it is necessary to take into account the height . For example, such as in the picture.

lotok dlya kotenka

  Pour into the tray filler. It must be smaller than that like sand or earth. They are sold in any specialty store. The manufacturer does not matter. I am using a silica gel for cats and small odorless, our cat is more like it lumps.

silikagelevii napolnitel
Silica gel filler
komkuuschii napolnitel
Lumps filling

   Pour filling into the tray at least 5 cm in height. It is desirable for the first time such trays installed in each room. Gradually increase the space will your pet and you will remain a tray in a convenient place for him.

   Toddlers can be planted in the tray immediately after feeding, before going to sleep, after sleep, and after the games. Adults as individuals usually once is enough to show the tray and they have realized that there is need to do. I mean, pets, acquired in the nursery. Other animals may not immediately understand the intricacies of these due to the fact that they simply have not been taught. In such cases, it is desirable to bury them in the tray smell.

   When the cat found a tray, you can gradually move the trays to the place where you want them to be. Move a few centimeters per day, slowly. Replacing the filler in the same way – gradually.

   Cat breed Devon Rex  you can buy in our kennel, he will already be fully trained feline wisdom, and you will need only one tray for him. Call me, I’ll be glad to help!