Color Devon Rex.

  You can buy cat breed Devon Rex any color. Nature endowed their marvelous tones, which are divided into the following categories: single-color, tabby, bicolor and other colors. Let’s look at each.

Monochrome or solid colors.

  It looks very interesting to Devon-Rex black. She had poured the sun in different shades of blue and gray.


Also frequent cats chocolate hue. This color is derived from the black gene.


  Devon Rex lilac color similar to chocolate Devonian, only brighter for a few tones. Also very playful wool behaves in the sun. Poured several shades.


Very extravagant look cats Devon Rex with a red color. It is not possible to tear glance.


  Dark-red shade called cream. When you look at Devon-Rex with color, it may seem that he had no hair, completely naked.


  Colour Cinnamon (in translation from English cinnamon – cinnamon bark brown) is considered one of the rarest. It consists of a dark red color with a deep ash. Devon Rex this color is valued higher.


  Lighter than a few shades – called Faun. It has a beige color. Devon Rex fawn is very similar to purple, but the difference is that he does not have a dark gray spots.


   If Devon Rex Purple is very similar to cat chocolate color, the Devon Rex blue color has similarities with a black cat. In order to fully ensure the color, you need to look at the fingertips, the rim around the eyes and ears of edging. If the color of pale blue, then seal has a blue color.


  But pet who wears white color, mesmerizing in their appearance. It looks very noble. “On snow it will not find”, figuratively of course.


  Now consider the following category. It tabby colors, including tortoiseshell. Tubby – translated patterned.

There are five main types:

  • Mackerel (in translation mackerel) or also known as mackerel tabby

This type does not have colorful spots and clearly expressed the main figure in contrast with the background color.
Figure in the form of the letter “M” on the forehead, 2 or 3 spirals on the cheeks, closed 2 necklaces on the chest. Multiple narrow strips of dark color are arranged vertically down the spine to the abdomen. From head to tail along the spine is a continuous strip. Striped legs, a tail covered with rings. Limbs evenly striped; tail is uniformly covered with rings, the tip of the solid color. On the chest and abdomen have a double row of dark spots.

Devon-reks marckerel

Figure must be the same on both sides. At tortoiseshell tabby – it should be placed on the tortoise spots.

  • Harlequin (marble) (tabby blotched, classic tabby)

Dark and well defined main figure in contrast to the background base color. Figure in the form of the letter “M” on the forehead, a continuous line coming from the outer corner of the eye passes to the back of the head, 2 or 3 spirals on the cheeks, closed 2 necklaces on the chest. Vertical stripes down from the nape of the neck and move into the picture on his shoulders, a butterfly with wings. On the back – longitudinal stripes, located on the spine from butterfly to tail. On each side of it runs parallel to the dark stripe. According to one tone of each spot on the animal laterally surrounded by one or more closed rings. The rest, as in the type of “mackerel”.


  • Spotted tabby

On the main background color of a clear pattern of multiple round or oval pitch dark spots, distributed along the body down to the limb; spots are clearly separated from each other and do not merge. They may vary in size and shape. Preference is given to those in which the pattern is formed circular spots of the same shape, are uniformly dispersed throughout the body. The more sunspots, the more beautiful and better. stripe (dorsal line) stretches along the entire back to the tip of the tail. Ideally dorsal stripe should consist of pyatnyshek.Nepreryvnye line from the corner of the eye, narrow strip on the cheeks, “M” on the forehead becomes a mark in the form of a beetle between the ears. Limbs evenly striped and / or spotty; tail is uniformly covered with rings, and the tip of the monochromatic painted.


At tortoiseshell tabby pattern should be located at a tortoise spots.

Basic requirements for Color tabby: a clear contrast between the figure and the background, the severity of all the elements of the drawing. Undesirable presence of white chin, white marks on the neck, chest and groin. Eye color – orange, copper.

  • Patched tabby

Lots tabby different colors intersect. This is the same tortoise color, but in combination with tabby markings. This color combination in its name tortie (tortoise) and tabby (patterned). Cat of the color just a godsend for any breeder. From it you can get a huge range of colors.
The color is called color tabby stripes or tail. The basic color varies from pale blue to deep red.

Possible colors:

  • Cream tabby – the main background of pale cream, cold cream markings tone;
  • Black tabby – the main background of warm copper-brown, black markings;
  • Blue tabby – marks from light to medium blue, the basic background beige cold;
  • Red tabby – the main background of pale red, bright red markings;
  • Chocolate tabby – basic background warm bronze, bright brown markings;
  • Purple (lilac tabby) – the main background of beige, gray and pink markings;
  • Tortie tabby – the main background of warm copper-brown with pale red, black with red markings;
  • Blue tortie tabby – basic background cool beige with pale red marks from light – to medium blue with cream;
  • Lilac tortie tabby – basic background beige with pale cream, marks the cool gray with a pink tinge with cream;
  • Chocolate tortie tabby – basic background warm bronze with pale cream, brown markings bright red;
  • Black silver tabby – the main silver background, color of eyes green or hazel, black markings;
  • Blue silver tabby – the main background of silvery blue, pale colors, blue markings;
  • Chocolate silver tabby – basic background pale silver-chocolate, chocolate markings;
  • Red silver tabby, cameo – basic background pale silver-red, red markings;
  • Lilac silver tabby – the main background of pale lilac-silver, purple markings;
  • Cream silver tabby – the main background of pale silvery-cream, cream-colored markings;
  • Black tortie silver tabby – basic background black silver with silver-red, black with red markings;
  • Blue tortie silver tabby – the main background of pale silvery blue with silver-cream, cream with blue markings;
  • Chocolate tortie silver tabby – the main background of pale silvery chocolate with silver-red markings chocolate with red;
  • Lilac tortie silver tabby – the main background of pale silvery-purple with a pale silvery-cream, cream with purple markings.The third category includes all colors, in which there is a white spot. Except for the presence of white medallion on his chest Devonian.

Standards of all associations  permit the breed Devon Rex cat of any color and eye color. However, the color-points have to be with a blue eye color, and Tonkinese / Minky – aquamarine. They are not judged separately by color, at exhibitions apply to them the group of colors, therefore, only one representative from each group will be able to receive the title of “Best in Variety”.

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