Our kittens in new caring family!

   Information about that kitten love and care for them – the best reward for all the work and effort in cultivation. I’m sure many agree with me breeders. On this page I want to share with you information about their graduates.

Litter A. Born 08.07.3016 year. Pictures of the kittens you can see by clicking on the link.

Abigail of Tenderling * Bel. Already a big girl and lives in Italy, Genoa. I often get from them funny photos and videos. I am very glad that belong to her, as I do!

Abigail of Tenderling

We ourselves brought her to Italy for a new family.

A couple of pictures – the adaptation.



Armando of Tenderling * Bel. Our only little man in the litter. He remained in Belarus.








Our girls Arletta Adeline and leave to live in South Korea, Seoul. There are two sisters living together – for this reason I was easier to let them go so far as to fly.