Litter A

Litter Devon Rex 08.07.2016 year –

Litter A. 

All kittens sold!

In our kenel Tenderling in July 8, 2016 – the addition! Devon Rex kittens were born from a wonderful pair:

Cat Fabulous elf Kary
Кот Jarod of Bebeny
Кот Jarod of Bebeny





 Were born 4 kittens: 3 girls and 1 boy. 2 girls and a boy color black tabby, 1 girl is black with residual white (legs “Slippers”, the tip of the muzzle and a locket on the breast). Kids from the club and titled parents. Dad became an International Champion (champion of Latvia champion of Belarus), the next step will be to conquer Russia. Mom had not become Champion of Belarus – was in the position we are missing only one CAC, which we plan to close in the fall. And go to conquer Russia too. Kids – this is our first litter and the letter A. all kittens will have names on the first letter of the alphabet.

Pictures of kittens first litter, of which three girls and one boy.

Waiting for Your calls, if You want to buy a Devon Rex!


С уважением, владелец питомника Виктория.