Our pets

“Tenderling” – cattery breed cats Devon Rex.

   We cooperate with large kennels of Europe and Ukraine, and from its first imported pets. They have good bloodlines with imported blood. Do pets good health. Veterinary passport, tests and vaccines are in accordance with the requirements.

   Cat “Jarod of Bebeny”  has the title of “Champion of Latvia”, “Champion of Belarus” and closed the title of International Champion!

   Cat “Fabulous elf Karry”  has the title of “Champion of Belarus”

   Because of this you can buy kittens Devon Rex  in our kennel, which will be completely healthy and meet all the standards of the breed.

  We pay special attention to our friends. They live with us, and young children. No cell. When the kittens leave home – they are already accustomed to the tray and kittens are well socialized and, not least for the many families are able to communicate with small children.

Our pets are very beautiful, healthy, playful and incredibly smart!

  If you decide to buy a kitten Devon Rex breed in our kennel, I ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the sale of our pupils.

Conditions of sale rules.

    Our pets leave the house at different ages, depending on their class, and of the acquisition target.


  • pet (pet, without the right of withdrawal) after 3 months;
  • breeding (breeding) after 4 months;
  • show (top class exhibition) after 6 months and evaluation of at least two experts.

At this point, they are all vaccinated, accustomed to the tray and kittens.

With a pet gets pedigree metric or birth, the contract of sale, the veterinary passport stamped on vaccinations, a memo to the new owner information for pet care.

  Anyone who plans to buy Devon Rex kitten in our cattery, we will help organize the delivery of the animal in virtually any city or another country. All shipping costs to other cities and countries at the expense of the buyer.


Victoria kennel owner.