Karry Elf Fabulous

Карри очень хорошая мамочка и кошка. Выведена в разведения и отправлена на заслуженный покой. Живет в семье с детками и наблюдает за птичками из окна.

Cat breed Devon Rex named

“Fabulous elf Karry”.

Fabulous Elf Kary.

Born July 10, 2015. Colour Brown Spotted Tabby (DRX n 24), blood group A. Parents “Karry” titled. Below is a pedigree.

Our cat Devon Rex is very affectionate, sociable and kind girl. Very fond of ch
ildren, young as well. Curious and playful monkey. Able to bring the ball rolled out of paper. Playing with everything underfoot or overhead.

We love to drink water from the tap.

Karry pjet vodu

Below is the pedigree of Karry.

rodoslovnaya devon rex

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