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Before you charming cat breed Devon Rex.


 When I saw cat Devon Rex for the first time it was impressed by his unusual appearance: large ears, almond-shaped and unusually intelligent eyes. Reminiscent of the hero of the tale about elves. Not to mention the hair, which is due to mutations acquired astrakhan type and thus differs from other species, including the Rex. Let us consider in more detail.


     Devon Rex has all three types of wool – a spine, the main fur and undercoat. Arista and undercoat are closer to the body and quite thick. But the main part is not as thick as in other breeds – a rare, mild and short, there are curls that resemble doodles. Kittens are born devons fully clothed, then bald and re-grows in maturity. About a year has already acquired its appearance curly elf. Amazing! But to the touch, they are very warm. Almost do not shed and are therefore considered hypoallergenic. For the hair easy to care for. It is enough to bathe the cat once a month.

      For breed Devon Rex are allowed all colors, even color-point, like a Siamese.


     Large and widely planted. I think they seem to be more due to short hair. Through it look clear and expressive, and varies depending on your mood: playful, inquisitive, intelligent, cheerful. The color must necessarily coincide with the color of the coat. There are also combinations of colors: one white eye, the other – green.

different eyes


        Short and strongly twisted. Can break down, so you need to carefully bathe and comb your pet. But if broken off, then later grow rapidly with new ones.


Little with distinct cheekbones and chin.


       Large and low planted. Wool covered with a thin layer on the outside. At the tip of the ears – brush, which gives them a magical appearance and resemble a butterfly. Once a week they should be cleaned.

       About the size of breed Devon Rex. An adult cat weighs about 3 kg, and a little more than cats – up to 4 kg (averaged data). puberty period of about 8 months. Cats Pregnancy lasts 65 – 66 days. They live an average of 15 – 17 years.

     At first glance it may seem that they are weak and defenseless because of its size, but it is not. They are playful, intelligent and hardy.

Breed Devon Rex extraordinarily intelligent and unique. They are compared to monkeys, because they are mischievous, run, steal things are toys in his mouth, to raise polo legs, as they are well developed fine motor skills.

devon-reks playing

The name of the breed. Devon Rex from England (Devonshire). Hence the first part of the breed name – “Devon”. The second part of the name “Rex” – the breed of rabbits, which are so called because of their curly coat.

     Devon Rex get along very well with people and are suitable for everyone. They are happy to amuse you, to play with the kids hide and seek and catch-up, and if no one is home, then find their fun mood. If a cat wants to, for example, to get to the shelf, then she would do it, even if it takes a month. Absolutely not vindictive. Even if you punish, then after a couple of minutes to ask for affection.

If you’ve always dreamed of and would like to have at home a fabulous creature with the temperament of a monkey, buy cat Devon Rex – this is what you need!

  Devon reks mama i deti

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