Health cat breed Devon Rex.

Cats of this breed have an excellent immunity, are not afraid of most of the diseases peculiar to animals. The only thing it should be noted that the Devon Rex are hurt neurological myopathy, provided that their parents suffered from this disease and congenital gipotrioz – when an animal loses its hair at an early age.

health devon rex

A very important factor – a group of your pet’s blood, if you plan to breed. Kittens can be blood conflict and they will die.

With proper and regular care of your Devon Rex will be healthy and happy and not cause trouble!

Yoy can buy kitten Devon Rex in our kennel. It will be completely healthy, vaccinated, trained and proglistovan tray and kittens. A fully socialized, because our dogs live with us, and young children. For 3-4 months, kittens have already seen the curl in the coat, which is the main distinguishing feature of the breed.

Fulfilling the basic rules of care for the Devon Rex, you will get a lot of impressions and pleasure from communicating with him.


Victoria kennel owner.