Tying cat breed Devon Rex.

 I’m glad to welcome you to our website Tenderling nursery. At the moment, we have a cat Devon Rex, open for stud.


   Jarod of Bebeny was born January 5, 2015. Color (n February 21) – patterned harlequin, blood group B. Parents «Jarod of Bebeny» titled, made ehokardiorafiya on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – Normal. Pedigree provide.


   He is very gentle, calm and affectionate. With any cat will contact. Well socialized, no marks and leads a quiet life. Good eats: premium food (two types, Royal), cottage cheese.

Health in Jaroda excellent, held in April 2016 tests for toxoplasmosis and chlamydia – are negative. Made in April complex vaccination against rabies and other feline diseases. There are all the supporting documents and information. «Jarod of Bebeny» found in excellent condition.



   Cat Devon Rex is provided for mating only with the directions on the binding, which is issued by the owner of the cat and give up the club. You should have a copy of the pedigree cats, veterinary passport stamped on completed vaccination and a health certificate cat.

The mating takes place in the territory of a cat that he was calm and everything went well. At the request of the owner of a cat can provide videos of mating dogs.

Together with the cat and the documents necessary to bring a favorite food and cat bowls. If pregnancy has not occurred – re-mated by the cat owner.

   Jarod of Bebeny already unleashed. At the moment, the cat of our cattery is waiting for him and the kittens already have kittens in Latvia.

   Tip: when looking Devon Rex cat be sure to pay attention not only on health but also on the blood group. Blood type does not affect the status and health of the cat, but there is an incompatible combination with knitting, threatening the loss of offspring: it crosses a cat a cat with type A type B.

devon rex male

  We welcome you to look!


Victoria kennel owner.