We decided to buy a cat Devon Rex?

DEAR FRIENDS We have kittens. 3 girls 4.5 month. They have color n 24 09.

   You can buy the cat breed Devon Rex for the soul, exhibitions or for breeding.


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  Our kennel Tenderling*Bel was registered in WCF system is located in the Republic of Belarus.

  At the moment, we have two cats of Devon Rex: “Fabulous elf Karry” и “Jarod of Bebeny”.

    We decided a long time we start a pet or not. We have small children, so animals with fur have been taboo for us. A day after visiting the exhibition, held in the hands of the Devon Rex and could not resist. This extraordinary breed. Surprisingly, the cat Devon Rex almost does not fade, her hair does not fly in the air. Wool is not on clothes and furniture. Therefore, the breed is considered less allergenic – and this is most important!
    Adult cats of small size, weighing up to 3 kg. on average, live to 17 years. So we decided to buy a cat and we have another family member named by Karry. She came to us from a Ukrainian kennel (her parents – champions of Ukraine and Germany).
   A year later, she strongly insisted fiance and we decided to buy a cat, make her guy. So we have a cat named Jarod, he is the champion of Latvia, the champion of Belarus (ICH). Our pets live in constant love and care of both adults and children, and grow year-old kid.
    For us, it is not necessary to do the task of this business. Karry and Jarod are very expensive for us. They eat food premium, each have the veterinary passport and all vaccinations by age. Every three months, carry out antigelmintizatsiyu. Our pets fully socialized, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts. And also know how to communicate with young children, not least for those who want a pet in the house with the kids!
Animals are exposed and have titles and awards, they have excellent pedigrees of the best nurseries in Ukraine, Germany, Poland and Latvia ,.

   Kittens leave our house not earlier than 3 months of age with vaccinations and documents. They have excellent health, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts, have a healthy mind, kept from birth to love and care, as well as the well trained to communicate with children.

I wish you peace of pleasure in contact with the Devon Rex. Visit our web site, leave your comments, write letters with questions. Always answer on all matters relating to the breed Devon Rex.



Victoria kennel owner.