Wanted to buy a kitten breed Devon Rex!


   Letter A. Sold!!!

Letter B. Will be in february of 2017 year!

    Welcome to our website. In this section you can see our puppies, their status: cat free, in reserve or already sold. As well as the future plans.

Kittens Devon Rex breed can still reserve a little, after a couple of weeks after birth. But he left his mom and dad only after three months, when all vaccinations and worming prevention will be held. As well as a fully socialized: accustomed to the tray and kittens. I like the Devon Rex and the fact that they may eat a food (premium only), and natural food.

You can always call or email me and I will inform you on all matters relating to.



    If you decide to reserve your future pet, you will need to deposit an amount of collateral (depending on your goals).

  Devon Rex leaving the parental home with veterinary passport and pedigree. Accustomed to the tray, scratching posts and fully socialized. Our couple is very friendly, affectionate and sociable. And I’m sure the kids will not lag behind them!


Victoria kennel owner.