Want to buy a cat breed Devon Rex!

Cat breed Devon Rex needs no special maintenance and no greenhouse conditions it is not necessary. But, you must know the basic rules of hygiene and stick to them.

  • Since cats of this breed short hair, they need to bathe more often than others. There is nothing complicated and unusual. You buy a shampoo for your dog, in any case, do not wash with soap or human means. More clearly how to care for your pet’s coat is shown in the video “Bathing Devon Rex”.


  After bathing, dry the hair dryer or towel and do not give a lick. On this point everyone has his own devices. You can put on the postoperative neck collar or clothes. It is rather a recommendation than a requirement.

  • Devon Rex Ears large and erect, they accumulate excess fat, because fat releases more lubrication cover than other breeds. Therefore, the ears should be at least 8 times a day to clean with a cotton swab or sponzhikom. Means for cleaning of ears, you can buy in a specialized pharmacy.
  • Once a month, you need to trim your nails Devon Rex. This procedure is necessary to do to cats of all breeds who live at home. I polled kusachikami special polish. The main thing is not more than 5 mm in length and at the end you can just nail file to file.
  • Teeth brushing is also desirable every 10 days. Devon Rex refers to all procedures absolutely calm. It can be washed ordinary gauze or bintikom. If resources permit, you can buy toothpaste for pets.
    Devon Rex’s eyes are very large and require cleaning every day, because after sleeping accumulate dark isolation. Cotton swab to moisten a special tool or boiled water and wipe the eyes of your pet. All procedures have on the video “hygiene”.

   Devon Rex breed is not choosy, but requires a bit of attention to the person. If you decide to buy a cat breed Devon Rex, I recommend to study the procedure and gradually accustom your pet. If you have questions, please call me, happy to answer!


Victoria kennel owner.